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Chisel CSV Visualisation

by shornik on September 13th, 2007

I attended a Dr. Doobs Life 2.0 session a few weeks ago to see a demonstration of something called Chisel. Meeting

Chisel allows you to import CSV data, from an Excel spreadsheet, and import it into Second Life so you end up with a 3-D version of your data. As you can imagine I’m pretty excited about the possibility of having students create financial statements, and other accounting documents and bring then bring them into Second Life to view them! What a great tool for discussing how to analyze accounting information, looking at ratios in 3-D. The inventor of this tool is Vyrnox Ming


and the program is still in what I think he would term Beta, but it is very promising. I took some pics of the model during the demonstration and here they are (yes I should have made a video, but forgot) luckily there is one posted below from youtube.Chisel Model 1

Chisel Model 2The end result of uploading a small CSV file via web interface and importing it into Second Life.


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