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Second Life’s Web on a Prim – is getting closer

by shornik on March 7th, 2008 – Gaming Videos

Second Life released a new candidate viewer today, and one of the features with this release is the ability to display new media within Second Life. See the Second Life blog posting here. Prior to this release any land owner could choose to display video and/or music on their land. With the new release you can now display pictures and web pages!

Currently the what is displayed is a static web pages, so links are not clickable and scroll bars don’t scroll, but this is sure to be a boon to anyone wanting to bring in a web page to display in-world or to bring in text. For teaching purposes, you could display a wiki web page as your media, and make changes to that page (using your browser of course) and then “refreshing” the displayed web page in SL by toggling the media control off and on. Is this a bit clunky? Sure, but it’s a beginning and something a lot of people have been waiting for and is the first deliverable that we can play with since Philip Rosedale announced Web on a Prim should be available by May of this year.

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