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Outstanding Musician, Smart Businessman, and a Promoter of Peace Uses SL

by acg2021_student on March 30th, 2008

Lucky for me, I was forced to discover SL through my ACG 2021 course and because of that; I found my new favorite musician and a great new place to meet other interesting people.   

Louis Volare (Real Life – Louis Landon) - you have to experience his music in order to believe it! Please be sure to check out Louis Volare in SL at Landon Arts, Landon (133, 243, 23) or through his RL (real life) website…. You won’t be disappointed! 

Louis Landon is a wonderful musician, smart business man, and a promoter of peace that has been using SL to his advantage. Louis has stated his personal mission is “to create a more peaceful world by writing and performing music from the heart.”  That statement tells of Louis Landon’s passion for his music and mankind.  The amount of work that Louis puts into promoting his CDs and his mission of peace both through SL and RL is extensive and the success of his newest CD is proof that he is doing a great job.

 1.  What made you decide to open a business and play your beautiful music using SL?  I thought that it would be a great way to increase my fan base and reach people with my music and mission.  

2.    Do you see the use of SL as a plus to the advancing of your music/business?  Definitely.  

3.    How do you track sales and/or tips through SL?  It’s not possible to see where all CD sales or downloads come from,  but the downloads that come through are all from SL. iTunes is impossible to tell, but people often tell me why they bought my CD on  And I would say that maybe 60% of my sales there are now because of SL.  

4.    What is the most challenging part of keeping accounting records through SL? It is not really a challenge at all.  SL does all the work for me and all the information is available for download. 

5.    Are you able to extract the necessary information from SL to prepare financial statements and/or tax returns?  Yes.  Everything I make in SL goes into PayPal and then is transferred directly into my corporate bank account.  Every penny is accounted for.  

6.    What advice would you give to other musicians who are contemplating using SL? I’d say, jump in. I still see SL being at the formative stages.  I believe there is a strong upside potential in SL.  It has not grown as fast as I had thought, but it is growing.  And I think the best years of SL are ahead.  My business model there continues to evolve and I find that more things are leading to RL work.  

7.    (This question is one that many fans wonder about… the Volare brothers… so I had to ask) Are you and Luigi really brothers or are you the same person?  I can’t answer that question because both Louis and Luigi would come after me. I’m not so worried about Louis. hehe


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