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by admin on August 21st, 2007

The first day after my orientation lecture and I have students in Second Life. They are pretty much just poking around the place, though when I left tonight a few were watching lectures. Anyway not much to this post other then a few pics of the first two students who showed up and received a grand tour. Certainly much more to follow as more arrive and we see how they begin to use the space. Well here’s the pics, of me (Robins Hermano), Fatty Mighty and KittyLili.

Chatting with students on Teaching 4

Chatting around Really Engaging Accounting on Teaching 4

Chatting in front of my office

Chatting in front of my office.

And the obligatory, chatting with students while flying….

Chat and Fly

  1. Chatting while flying is always a bit odd to set up… we need more fine tuning on the flying control. 🙂

  2. KittyLili permalink

    Hopefully some more people will start using Second Life. It can be fun, and it is nice to have other people to chat with about the class.

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