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Accounting students in Second Life

by admin on January 22nd, 2008

A quick update on student usage of Second Life for my Financial Accounting course at University of Central Florida. If you recall I was a bit disappointed in the usage of Second Life during the Fall 2007 semester. I attributed this mainly to the horrendous orientation experience they had (for the most part) which led to the erroneous belief that SL was just too difficult. To change this variable I have employed the NMC registration and orientation and it has worked like a charm. Another and very significant change was to make SL a mandatory part of the course. It is no longer positioned as this neat tool that you should try to help learn concepts that your professor knows are hard to learn. Rather, you must use it, you must complete HW assignments by using it, and a nice unforeseen opportunity – you can receive extra credit for doing a research project, but only in SL. Second Life is available to our students in all campus labs so hardware issues are no longer an available excuse. Finally, I have SL installed and running in the classroom computer, so each class can now have a SL component.

I know what your thinking, accountants in second life, how much fun can they have? I give you this short video and some pics to allay your fears, we are a partying bunch….

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