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Using Second Life to train Auditors

by shornik on March 12th, 2009

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Ernst and Young is running a test with Second Life in which they created a virtual warehouse to run their trainees through.  They found among other things that the trainees using the virtual worlds were more nervous in their decisions than a group using traditional training material.  They argued this was a positive result in that trainees using traditional material were often overconfident in the skills they acquired, implying I think that Second Life training was more realistic – as one might expect. 

The article mentions the start up costs in terms of time to orient the trainees to Second Life and the hardware issues, more of a reason to use Second Life more in students college classes I think so that they will be prepared to use these technologies when they leave.

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  1. Fascinating. I would like to see the program created by E&Y. Is the program available for viewing? Is there someone from E&Y to talk with about the project and future plans for staff training.

    Rick Lillie
    CalState San Bernardino

  2. admin permalink


    Thanks for the comment. I do not believe the area is open for viewing, at least I haven’t been able to find it. I’ve e-mailed the individuals listed in the article but have never received a response. Maybe you’ll have better luck, if you do keep me posted.

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